Thursday , June 1 2023

Alinard Ndiae spits in office, turns his back on Karim Wade and fights PDS family management


Following the announcement of the composition of the new PDS National Secretariat, I am informed that I am stepping down as National Assistant Secretary in charge of the private sector and employers.

I accept Karim Wade as one and the main culprit in this choice, which translates into my place unspoken contempt. It will have all the political implications.

That is why I withdraw all support from that day and stop being a painter.

I remain an activist of the PDS and now I am part of a radical dynamic in the fight against family governance, our party's nepot and clan and the promotion of incompetent and questionable people …

I urge all leaders and activists to stand up to join all the initiatives that are heading in this fight.

We will advise one day so that no one knows.

Alinard Ndiae
MLK Founder President
Member of the PDS Management Committee

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