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All promotions on mobile and internet plans will save money in this summer time


As we often say, why pay a high price mobile plan or internet when is it possible to get them at a lower price? Below you will find the best deals currently available in all French mobile and internet operators, including virtual operators.

red offers Internet promotion promotion for Fiber or THD RED Box valid until July 29, 2019 and suggested without commitment and for a lifetime – € 22 per month (While subscribing, the percentage will not change). And for the same price, The first month of the subscription is available,

You will have unlimited internet access of up to 200 Mbps and up to 50 Mbps (Rate Plus up to 1Gbps and 400Mbps is charged € 5) / month. This offer also includes unlimited calls to landline phones in France and more than 100 destinations (number presentation, voicemail, …), but also unlimited calls to mobile phones in France (the option is charged € 5 / month but free of charge here) ). The box rental is included.

Lastly, let's finish by pointing out that if you are not eligible for a Fiber or THD offer, you can take advantage of the same bid through ADSL technology at a discounted price of 15 € / month with the same price. the first month,

From mobile plans, RED offers 4 non-binding packages, including 15 GB valid until July 29 and 5 GB and 40 GB valid until August 5:

  • Available at 5 € per month without commitment, the package RED 5 GB offers 5 GB of data that can be used in France and 4 GB in Europe with unlimited calls and SMS / MMS

  • It is priced at € 10 per month without commitment, the package RED 40 GB offers 40GB of data and 4GB usable in Europe with unlimited calls and SMS / MMS.
  • It is priced at € 15 per month without commitment, the package RED 15 GB It offers 15 GB of mobile data in Europe, the US and Canada, with unlimited calls and SMS / MMS.
  • They are also available for 20 € per month, the packaging RED 100 GB offers 100 GB of data and 10 GB in roaming (Europe), with unlimited calls and SMS / MMS.

These prices will remain valid even after 12 months.


offers on its side in its offer Fiber package SFR Fiber which includes rental of the box plus a 4K decoder, access to 160 TV channels, internet access 400 Mb / s download and upload, unlimited calls to landline phones in France, and cloud storage of 10 GB 15 euros per month for 12 months with a commitment of 12 months, the price then returns to 38 € per month.

You can also take advantage of the offer SFR Power Fiber for 25 € per month for 12 months and then € 43 a month, you have to enjoy the same benefits as previous variations with 200 TV channels (instead of 160), storage cloud of 100 GB (instead of 10 GB), calls to fixed and mobile unlimited and finally bit rate of 1 Gbit / s download (instead of 400 Mbit / s).

Take a look at the presence in SFR a special box 4G + 35 € per month without commitment to those who do not have access to ADSL or fiber and want to browse at speeds of up to 220 Mbps and 50 Mb / s broadcast.

SFR also offers mobile packages with promotions for owners of SFR internet box, for which very attractive discounts apply:

Finally, SFR offers a DUO promotion with a fiber offer related to a mobile package offer (described above).
You will be able to get the following offers even cheaper:

Bouygues offers the ADSL offer Bbox proposed in limited series only € 9.99 per month for 12 months, the price returns to € 24.99. This offer is valid until 31 July,

bbox ADSL-July-2019

The latter offers:

  • 150 channels TV of which 35 inches HD
  • 20 channels for ADSL / ADSL2 + / VDSL playback
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in continental France, DOM and more than 110 international destinations
  • The rental of the box is included in the price
  • Commitment of 24 months + 8 € / month in extended zone

You will find three more ADSL offers with Bbox Fit, Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym at discounted prices for the first year, ranging from € 14.99 to € 24.99 per month.

From a fixed Internet site, but in Fiber, Bouygues also offers a special promotion with the subscription Bbox Fit only € 14.99 per month for 12 months, then € 26.99 a month after that with a one-year commitment and rental of the box. You'll enjoy up to 200 Mb / s downstream and 100 Mbps up, as well as unlimited calls to landline phones in continental France, DOM and more than 110 international destinations.

The same is true with fiber packs offer Bbox Must (500 Mbps / 300 Mb / s) for only 17,99 € per month for 12 months thereafter € 34,99, or offers Bbox Ultym (1 Gb / s / 500Mb / s) at € 22.99 per month for 12 months after that 41.99 €.

Keep in mind that Bouygues will pay up to € 100 for charges to cancel your former operator for a one-year commitment.

Finally, this is a signal until 18 August next, and for each new Bbox Must or Ultym Internet subscription with 50 GB Sensation mobile package (and more), Bouygues Telecom also integrates subscription for Netflix, available for 12 months,


This is the standard Netflix subscription that lets you enjoy HD on both screens simultaneously.


More details about the "12 months offered by Netflix" offer terms and conditions are available on this page.

On the mobile internet side, B & You offers 4 non-binding packages with prices valid until July 24, 2019 :

  • It comes at a price of 4.99 € per month without commitment, the package B & You 2 hours 5 GB offers 5 GB of data that can be used in Europe and DOM with 2 hours of unlimited calls and SMS.

  • It is available at 9,99 € per month without commitment, the package You can also 40 GB offers 40 GB of data, including 4 GB usable in Europe and DOM, with unlimited calls and SMS / MMS.
  • It is available at a price of 14,99 € per month without commitment, the package B & You 60 GB offers 60 GB of mobile data, including 6 GB usable in Europe and DOM, with unlimited calls and SMS / MMS.
  • Also available for € 16.99 per month, the packaging B & 80 GB offers 80 GB of data, including 8 GB roaming (Europe and DOM), unlimited calls and SMS / MMS.

These prices will remain valid even after 12 months.

B & you July

Bouygues offers to participate in their promotion Feeling pack (50 GB package) until 18 August p 15 euros are reimbursed per month for one year, whether or not the package is connected to the purchase of a smartphone.


sosh offers a very interesting offer for two of its mobile plans, namely 20 GB and 50 GB mobile data packets. These two promotions are valid until 29 July 9 am and concern, on the one hand, the flat rate of € 24,99 per month for the proposed operator only 14,99 euros per month no commitment for 12 months (package with 50 GB data), but a package up to 19,99 € per month, which passes for 1 year only € 9.99 per month (20 GB package), all without obligation.

sosh july to 20-50-go-promotion

We remind you that these packages include:

  • Calls and unlimited SMS / MMS in France
  • Mobile Internet with 20 or 50 GB data (debit decreases outside) in metropolitan France
  • Send unlimited SMS to Europe / Switzerland / Andorra / DOM
  • From abroad, unlimited calls and SMS / MMS to these areas and in France and enjoy 20 or 50 GB of mobile internet, as if you were in France.
  • Unlimited calls to the US and Canada and landline phones in Europe for a package of € 24.99
  • Universal SIM card (5 €)

offers its own subscriptions Liberbox Fiber and To Fiber at discounted prices of € 22.99 and € 28.99 respectively instead of 41,99 € and 47,99 €, the offer is valid until 31 July 2019.,

Fiber Fiber Pack offers fiber optic connection up to 300Mbit / s (download and upload), Livebox Play, Orange TV up to 160 channels and unlimited calls from fixed to fixed.
The Livebox Fiber Up package is similar but offers a download speed of up to 1Gbit / s, as well as the ability to access a 2nd TV Decoder or WiFi Repeater on request to extend your coverage throughout the house.
In both cases, a commitment of 12 months is required.

Orange LiveBox up fibers

Free mobile phone offers his Special series for 8.99 euros per month now 60 GB of data (instead of 50 GB), including 4 GB of roaming.

We remind you that the price of € 8.99 / month is valid for one year after the last one automatically switches to the classic package to € 19.99 per month (100GB / 25GB of data). The special (non-binding) series is for new subscribers. It integrates unlimited calls, SMS and MMS (Continental France and DOM), 60 GB of mobile internet in 4G in France, and 4 GB a month in 3G from Europe and DOM.

freely mobile 8.99

On the internet, Free Mobile always offers many offers with different formulas valid until July 30 from € 9.99 for Crystal Freebox (12 months after then 24,99 €), € 14.99 for Freebox Mini 4K (for 12 months afterwards € 34.99), € 19.99 for the revolution (12 months after € 44.99), € 49.99 for Freebox Delta.

At the virtual operator level, three offers are available this week:

Until 5 AugustNRJ Mobile offers its Woot mobile package without commitment 60 GB of data only 6.99 euros per month instead of € 12.99, this price is valid for 6 months.

NRJ-60-GB July

The Woot 60GB package includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS without limitations in France, DOM and Europe, and therefore a 4G data packet of 60 GB (debit reduced outside) and 5 GB in Europe and DOM. The SIM card is charged 10 euros, but the Visual Voice Mail option is free of charge.

With regard to Woot's plans, the virtual mobile operator now favors Bouygues Telecom's network but also has agreements with SFR and Orange.

offers a adjustable package whose monthly cost will depend on the consumption of your mobile data in 3 steps.

  • Up to 10 GB of data: 6.99 euros per month (instead of 12.99 euros)
  • Up to 50 GB of data: 12.99 euros per month (instead of 18.99 euros)
  • Up to 100 GB of data: € 18.99 per month (instead of € 24.99)

valid until July 30 the "Special Series" mobile package is a promotion from 6.99 euros per month 1 year,


This package also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France to landline and mobile phones, but also those from Europe and overseas territories in France as well as unlimited phone calls and SMS from France to Europe, DOM and North America (100 GB only level).

On last place, Cdiscount Mobile offers only the highest commitment package of 40 GB 4.99 euros per month instead of 15 euros per monthThis rate is valid for 6 months. This offer is available to new customers until 9 August 2019, The SIM card is charged 10 €.

We remind you that Cdiscount Mobile is a service for the NRJ Mobile operator, which uses the mobile network of the three major operators Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR, depending on where you live.

Cdiscount-mobile logo-2

This package includes:

  • Unlimited calls and SMS / MMS in the capital of France and the European Union (38 destinations)
  • 40GB of data 4G in the capital France (reduced performance) + 5GB of data in 3G + in Europe (billed outside)

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