Wednesday , February 1 2023

Amet Amar's disappearance: Pokad complains to the patron


The Dakar University is upset and mourned by the disappearance of industrialist Ahmet Amar on Monday. The man was a sure ally of the Temple of Knowledge, an indispensable philanthropist who was a member of the Board of the Wacad Foundation. "He attended all of our meetings, despite being busy on the agenda. He contacted us with the companies and contributed massively to solving all the problems of the university. More recently, we had a problem with the evacuation of one of our seriously ill students. Ahmet Amar solved the problem by providing us with the 5 million needed for evacuation, "said Ucad Rector, Ibrahima Thioub, among whom the deceased has offered a 10 million CFA bus for the transportation of physically handicapped students. does not rule out to perpetuate your memory.
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