Thursday , July 29 2021

Approach with Maki: Seren Mansur Si Jamil denies •

President Basescu Niaque Sérring Mansur Si Jamil responded to the reports that he was "on his way to Maki".

Serene Mansur Si Jamil denies any rapprochement with Mackay Sal for the next presidential election. "So far, any alliance of any kind is on the agenda or discuss with our National Decision-Making Directorate," he said. He adds: "The National Directorate reminds that the party is committed to C25 in the struggle to restore the presidential election to all candidates on the basis of the only applicable criterion of the guarantee and therefore can not enter the premature logic of alliance or support. , Serigne Mansour Sy Djamil, who was ruled out by the presidential court, said he had taken note of the atonement expressed by President Oumar Youm, the head of the minister's office, on behalf of the President of the Republic, at the official Gamou ceremony L. ga, held on the night of Saturday, January 19, 2019. And Besso Niak said he valued the true value of Sering Mansur Si Jamil's consent, welcoming the desire to reassure relations between temporal power and the bearers of spiritual power. public opinion on the necessary distinction between Sergean Mansur Si Jamil's religious and political responsibilities,


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