Monday , October 3 2022

Are things already sold? Fraud is not waiting for the start of the currency


While the digital currency that wants to launch Facebook will not see the day before mid-2020 at the earliest, fake accounts, pages and groups will invite into fictitious pre-sales, for real scams.

Facebook and its partners in the Libra adventures would do well with this bad ad. But the deceivers never fail the opportunity. While the "global digital" currency created by the social network will not be released until mid-2020 at the earliest, counterfeit accounts, pages, groups, and websites that are presented as official resale platforms are multiplied by the latter days. According to the Washington Post, Facebook platforms and Instagram (owned by the Facebook group) contain bogus accounts and pages followed by hundreds of Internet users. Twitter, YouTube and other platforms are also affected. Warned by the American Journal – Shame! Facebook is on a hunt: "Facebook has removed advertisements and pages violating its policies when it became aware of their existence and we are working to improve the means of detecting fraud on our platforms," ​​said the social network. in a statement.

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Others are beyond its jurisdiction. On sites like, it is suggested to buy pre-paid libraries like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and lite coins or a payment card. The site is tidy in its graphics and design: it perfectly accepts the logo, typography, offers a link to the (real) white paper (the document published by Facebook on June 18 to present its project), and the true Libres Association Association address in Geneva.

Capture the site

The site counts until the end of the pre-sale (nine days to July 23) because such a good deal can not continue … and like any good scam that respects itself, a relationship that invites all your friends to enjoy .

Classically and relatively inevitably, the development of these frauds is obviously an attack on the image of the Libra currency on which Facebook plays so great. The web is working hard in its communication to try to distinguish Sulfur Libra that sticks to the bugs and other cryptoplata.

Doverie was a key word curved by David Marcus, CEO of Calibra, the new Facebook subsidiary on financial services, during his two hearings before the Senate and House of Representatives committees last week. He repeats dozens of times that the currency will not be released until the project responds to all regulators' concerns. But the eyes of all regulators are focused on it. The fears expressed by the President of the US Central Bank and the State Treasury Secretary joined those of the G7 finance ministers' meetings last week in France. International regulators will not allow Libra to go as long as their fears, both the risk of money laundering and financial stability, have not been distracted, and this may require a "lengthy discussion," said Benico Coeres, head of finance. Working Group on the issue.

Finally, if a currency unfolds well, it will only be sold through approved web presence platforms like US giant Coinbase, one of 27 Facebook's business partners.

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