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ASAP Rocky is detained in Sweden until July 25th


His failures have shaken the hip hop community and are now at the center of diplomatic talks: ASAP Rocky, a suspect in a raid attack in Sweden, will be detained by July 25th, the prosecution to close the investigation and demand his possible dismissal for violence .

His situation has returned to the ears of Donald Trump, who, according to the US press, Kim Kardashian has asked to intervene.

"We will have telephone conversations, we will talk to them, we have already begun, many members of the American black community have called me, many of my friends, telling me I can help," he said. On Friday, US President Maison Banche.

"I personally do not know ASAP Rocky (…) But the one who knew ASAP Rocky is our first lady, right?" Said the president and his wife Melanie Trump.

"We are working with the State Department, and we hope to bring it back home soon," she said.

The US State Department, on its part, explained to AFP on Thursday to "carefully follow the case" without giving further details.

"Risk of leakage"
30-year-old ASAP Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Meyers, was detained in Stockholm on July 3, after three people after the June 30 battle of the streets of the Swedish capital.

On July 5, the court ordered his imprisonment on the grounds that there was a "risk of escape" abroad.

The Prosecutor's Office had to conduct its investigations by July 19 and demand that they be referred to a court for a court that is likely to be held in August.

The prosecutor, however, requested Friday to investigate and extend his detention until July 25th. As expected, the judge in charge of the case followed the requisites and decided that ASAP Rocky would remain in her cell at the Stockholm prison.

In the green uniform of the detainees, the artist appears in a small courtroom before many journalists before the judge finishes the procedure.

His lawyer Slobodan Jovicic said he was "disappointed" by the decision, condemning "disproportionate" imprisonment of the facts.

The hearing continued on Friday afternoon for the continued arrest of two members of the artist's environment.

Since his arrest, the friends and fans of the New York artist have demanded his release and condemned the "relentless" Swedish justice.

According to the Swedish news agency TT, Deputy Secretary of the State Department of Consular Affairs, Karl Rish met with ASAP Rocky on Friday morning before his appearance. He also had to meet with representatives of Swedish diplomacy.

Independent justice
ASAP's defense, Rocky, claims he only responds to the self-defense of the provocations of a small group of people who harass him and his surroundings follow him.

On an amateur video broadcast first by TMZ, the artist places a young man on the ground and then makes several shots.

In other clips ASAP Rocky repeatedly asks two young men to stop following him. One of the men was also a member of the rapper's environment, and a parallel investigation was launched against him.

Born in New York, ASAP Rocky became known in 2011 with the release of the critically acclaimed compilation "Live, Love, ASAP". In 2013 continues with his first album "Long Live ASAP".

More than 600,000 people signed a petition on the Internet #JusticeForRocky called for his release.

Several US congressmen have called on Sweden to release the musician, and former US ambassador to Stockholm, Mark Brzezinski, said he had contacted the Swedish Foreign Ministry and the Royal House, condemning "injustice to racial".

The government told him that justice is completely independent of the executive power in the Scandinavian side.

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