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Augustine Senhor finds "sometimes very unfair" criticism of Sadio Mane

Augustine Senhor finds "sometimes very unfair" criticism of Sadio Mane

Augusto Sengoor, president of the Senegalese Football Federation (FSC), found positively that Sadio Mane, introverted at the end of the match won (1-0) against Equatorial Guinea, November 17 in Bata on the fifth day of qualifying for CAN 2019 .

"Those who know Sadio (Mane) know that he is a man who is not a demonstrator, he is an introvert who tends to put everything in himself, but here he has renounced himself by asking questions about the absence of the effectiveness of the selection compared to what he demonstrates in the club, "said the FSF chairman, asked by the GPA.

"I think it's good that he's relaxing, he does not realize he can miss this opportunity from the last minute when he scored easily in the club," added the Federation president.

Augustine Sengor discovers "sometimes very unfair" criticisms of their leader.

He notes that the latter "has never raised his feet" with respect to the national team and "his tears are a sign of his great disappointment that he missed this opportunity" against Equatorial Guinea decodes.

"Sadio (Mané) is very bad that he is not decisive enough in the selection, but that does not weaken his participation, even if we know he is usually a football player who opens the gaps for the others," said the Federation president.

He needs the support of his compatriots, Augustine Sengor insisted, questioning Liverpool striker's tears in the sidelines of the FIFA Seminar.

"He is aware of the many expectations, but I assure you that he does his best to be brilliant in the club as well as in the selection," he said. With these tears, continued Mr. Augustine Sengor, "releases all his disappointment and frustration."

"Sadio Mané is a very generous player and an uncompromising commitment to the selection," said Senghor. He believes it would be nice for his compatriots to support him, as the Egyptians do for the leader of his team, Mohamed Salah.

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