Wednesday , September 28 2022

Awddy brings his support (video)


After his arrest last week, Guy Marius Sanya continues to receive support messages. The latter is that of rapper Didier Awadi, who has also begun a conversation with activists.


In a video posted on Facebook, the former legendary rap group Positive Black Soul (PBS) supports the arrested activist. He said: "I made this video to support Brother Guy Marius Sanya, who is in prison, apparently for a crime of opinion."

The message

But Didier Awadi insisted that "if this is really a crime of opinion, it should not happen in Senegal in 2019." A situation that forces him to start appealing to the activists. "I ask all activists to make a video for support, and then let us organize that the crime of opinion is not sanctioned by Senegal prison," he says.

Crime of opinion

Arrested last week, Guy Marius Sanya was charged with a crime and turned to the prosecution. Strictly speaking, there is a crime of opinion when the very fact of expression or expression of opinion is a crime. Which can lead to criminal sanctions, such as imprisonment.

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