Tuesday , June 22 2021

Big Coalition / Benno Bokk Yaakaar-USA: For a peaceful and positive campaign.

At the beginning of the second week of the presidential election campaign on February 24, APR-US in perfect symbiosis with our allies, Benoit Boc Yakar, is well organized to re-elect President Mackay Sal from the first round.

Like the electoral machine in Senegal, with President Mackay Sal, full of energy and depressed by the diversity and scale of the Big Coalition / Benno Boc Yakar, the election commission here in the United States is structured and is already close to the final victory campaign. In addition to DSE-APR-USA, there is a presence of UCS, PIT, AFP, MPCL, PS and MJPV. The message is entrusted to APR (Makane Kane), AFP General Secretariat (Lamine Ndiaye), MAPP (Pape Latyr Ndiaye) strategy, PIT mobilization (Idrissa Sylla), UCS Finance (Aissatou Diallo) ATP, responsible for women, youth, governance and social affairs. The Deputy Deputy Commissioner, Aboubakri Diallo, has already met with all the components of the Financial Committee twice since the campaign was adopted to outline a strategy for transparent and effective resource management. All other structures are gathering to set up their bits following BBB President Mackay Sal's recommendations. In his directive addressed to all activists, he calls on us to fight a positive campaign that is based mainly on his government after his brilliant March 2012 elections. proximity, personal phone calls, social media messages, and other direct contacts with voters and supporters of mass voting. He adds that "the door-to-door approach should be privileged for greater efficiency", a work that needs to be done.

The Big Coalition / Benno Boc Yaakar, here in Uncle Sam's land, is well structured in war, but we have to admit that we are doing well with some obstacles that are also not insurmountable. The opposition seeks to take the land with false and misleading messages from the shallows of their imagination. She does not even dare to attack President Maki's record simply because she does not have reliable alternative programs. Unlike previous election competitions, though resolved, it does not seem to be the weight of the dynamics and determination of the Great Coalition activists to meet all the challenges. The winds of unity and understanding disperse among all the components of the Coalition for Effective Campaigning. So we will face all of our opponents. Among the most experienced, to the bitterness of Senegal's political history, President McKee Sal's predecessor was again distinguished by the disregard for the democratic process and the will of those who had been expelled from power just seven years ago. Obviously, he is hardly interested in the free and sovereign expression of the people through the vote of the ballot box. By announcing that the February 24 elections will not happen by publicly urging the Senegalese to "burn their ballots" and refuse to exercise their powers by voting, the third president is paying attention to a revolt barely concealed. There is no doubt that the Senegalese, armed with its maturity and position as an example of democracy in Africa and the world, will not follow in its irresponsible call. The Big Coalition / Benno Boc Yakakar condemns with the strongest energy the former president's violent and undemocratic speech. He also condemns the electoral violence that took place on the basis of the election campaign. Whether inspired by the words of the former president or other opinion leaders, violence has no place in democratic dialogue. Benno Bokk Yaakaar welcomed Senegal's initiative to take responsibility for the security of all candidates. For us, activists and supporters here in the United States, according to President Maqui Sal's letter of reference, based on the outcome and vision of our candidate, we will strive to continue a peaceful but vigorous campaign to re-elect the President Mackay Sal on February 24th of the first round.

Live the Great Coalition / Benno Bok Yakar! To Live Senegal!

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