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Bizagi goes from discretion to hyper-growth by bringing digital technologies to leading global brands


From Adidas to Audi to Ikea for the US government, Bizagi's unique intelligent process automation helps organizations use the power of RPA and AI to accelerate their digital transformation.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 19, 2019 GLOBE NEWSWIRE Bizagi, the world's leading provider of intelligent process automation platforms, today announced significant growth in the US and abroad with its digital transformation success for leading global brands such as DHL, GAP, CBC, AON, and several US government agencies, including the Ministries of Agriculture, Defense, Energy, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Homeland Security, and many others. Bizagi's growth is driven by business adoption of a unique intelligent process automation system that enables organizations to better utilize digital and robotic processes as well as artificial intelligence to improve their interaction with business processes. their customers, speed up operations and generate revenue.

This news followed the company's recognition last month as a leader in its field in Forrester Wave ™: DPA for deep deployments Q2 2019 and new office expansions in Singapore as well as in Washington and New York , which are added to the company's headquarters in San Francisco, United States. Bizagi also hired several key executives, including Richard Dufty, the company's first revenue manager, responsible for its global marketing activities and whose responsibility is to provide customers with a single journey and experience. beyond the usual.

"From our $ 48 million funding in 2017, the company is very unobtrusive, but our tireless focus on our customers' success is to pay huge dividends, with 100% growth in Twelve months in the US last year and 200% growth in 2019 Gustavo Gomez, Bizagi's Chief Executive Officer, said: "The ability of our platform to automate digital processes in depth while promoting broad, fast and business-friendly integration, rediscovers the way companies think about digital transformation."

A recent study, conducted by Bizagi, found that nine out of ten companies considered digital transformation a major challenge. In order to overcome this weakness, Bizagi's flexible, connected and attractive platform allows true cooperation between the business and IT aspects of each company.

"We chose Bizagi because it provides us with an inexpensive DPA platform that even allows our technology analysts to realize business processes to a reasonable degree," said Stefan Ventzel, vice president, Digitalisation Center at Deutsche Post DHL. "This is essential for us as it will allow us to speed up the process of digital transformation. Additionally, new components like Bizagi sites help us create custom-oriented digital services. "

Bizagi is unique in its home integration with leading robotic Process Automation Platforms (RPA), as it allows companies to better utilize these robotized processes across their entire infrastructure.

"Bizagi will help unlock RPA's capabilities by digitizing data acquisition, so robotics can be more widely deployed in our business operations," said Matt Laoye, vice president, Business Intelligence. Chairman, Head of Automation and Development of iBPMS for Commercial Banking in the Financial Group. "Automated implementation and workflow will help accelerate processing, build efficiency, and give our colleagues more time to focus on added-value activities." which enhance the experience of our customers. Easy use of Bizagi will continue to help our employees adopt and develop this digital strategy. "

Referring to Bizagi as a leader in its field, Forrester Wave's recent report says, "Bizagi balances DPA's deep-rooted platform with a platform to grow, and in its Magic Quadrant report on Intelligent Business Process Management Suites, Earlier this year, Gartner called Bizagi the most intuitive tool on the market.

"Identifying a key technology partner as a market leader is a tremendous endorsement of the importance of the UiPath ecosystem," said Dave Marcus, vice president of product management and alliances at UiPath. "Bizagi's partnership is important for the realization of our automation mission. "

Bizagi has a unique product approach that allows companies to model and pilot free DPA scenarios and pay only for implementation in a production environment. To date, users have downloaded Bizagi software more than 3 million times, resulting in tens of thousands of digital automation in more than 500 companies around the world.

American growth is particularly noticeable in financial services and government agencies, where companies manage digital automation thanks to Bizagi, and despite statistics showing that the overwhelming majority of digital transformations are prone to fail. Most of these companies face processes that are part of expensive, unrelated and slow moving systems. Bizagi works with existing systems to make them more flexible and relevant for more attractive customer experience.

"Bizagi functions as an intelligent information bandwidth that allows existing systems to use the robot process efficiency and the context and intent of artificial intelligence for automation and digitization. organizational processes, "says Gustavo Gomez, Chief Executive Officer of Bizagi. "Welcome to the era of intelligent automation."

To feed this growth, the company recently hired Richard Duffy as Revenue Director. Dufty, who previously worked at Symantec, has been monitoring sales of the Norton brand, which represents over $ 1 billion in revenue. As a top manager employed by AppDirect, he has increased sales from $ 1 million to $ 100 million in less than five years.

"Richard is a proven leader in joining Bizagi after an exponential growth in Fortune 500 earnings and a single horn in the Silicon Valley," Gomez said. "We are delighted to have Richard in our team when we strive to expand our operations in the United States and around the world. "

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