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Burima shoots Maki: "The Senegalese are suffering, that's the truth" (video)


10/08/2019 at 21:40

Birima Ndiye, who sang the praises of Maki Sol, dropped his jacket on the Jacarlo Plateau on Friday, August 9th. To the surprise of the viewers, he turned to the current regime on the suffering of the Senegalese.

Consumption …

Maki Sol showed a strong desire to reduce the way of life of the state of Senegal. He said the government had spent $ 307 billion on vehicle purchases and $ 17 billion on telephone. These remarks contradict Birima Ndiyeh, who claims she does not believe the words of the president of the republic.

Issue …

For Burima, Senegalese employees are very underpaid. So the problem is not there. Actually, The people of Senegal are suffering, that's the truth he says. And to add that "The Head of State has launched many re-election projects. And strangely, after his re-election, he did not find any projects. "

Minister ..

Continuing with his remarks, the Jakarta colonist believes that the bottom of the problem is President Maki Sol, who has increased the number of ministers. "And I know of at least 15 who don't have vehicles," He says.

Vehicle …

"When a president of a republic drives a car a billion, the minister has no right to drive a vehicle worth 100 million? I do not agree. They are very poorly paid, condemns Birima.


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