Saturday , February 4 2023

CAN 2019 Final: Referee Alioum Sidi breaks the silence: "Yes, there was a hand in the box"


Cameroon Judge Alyum Siddy was greeted as a hero in his country after the 2019 African Nations Cup finals between Senegal and Algeria.

Three days after returning to Cameroon, Alyum Sidi opened for the media. He was a guest on Radio Suelaba Fm105, a CRTV antenna broadcast by Duhala. The case was detained by Cameroon's international judge for reconsideration of his execution in the final, including the penalty, and then refused to Senegal's national team.

The image of the punishment refused him refused!

Asked about the image that marked him during this CAN, he readily admits that he is connected with the punishment. "I can say that this is the image of the punishment of the final (smiles), that's the only image that affects me," says Alum Siddy.

"There was no punishment, no arm was removed"

He assures, however, that when there is a fault in the penalty area there is a penalty. But this is no longer automatic, and video support helps a lot. – Yes, he had a hand in the field. When there is a hand in the penalty area there is a penalty. Thank God, we have video help that fixes things. This is the most important thing– says Allyum Sidney.

The first foul reported by the assistant judge!

The judge from Cameroon shows that his assistant has indicated the hand's fault. But the video helper allowed him to reconsider his position and cancel the punishment.

"That is, we made this decision to my assistant and to me. He gave me, he gave me information that he had a hand and I from my position, in profile, I had a hand idea. But we did not really know whether this hand was unusual and left the body. I made the decision to call a punishment, but after the video helper sent me to see the picture. I arrived there at the same time without reviewing the image and returned to my decision. There was no punishment, the hand was (not) glued to the body, – develops Alioum Sidi.

There was no hand, but the hand stayed in the body!

So he continues to clarify his decision. – It was on the body. The hand did not peel off. Let's say he does not, because the technical term says it "swells the body," says the Cameroon judge.

Alioum Sidi also said he did not doubt when he saw the VAR images. "The decision depends on the referees, the decision-maker is not VAR, and VAR simply supports it, and it gives you the information."

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