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Cannes Film Festival: Matt Diop & sad & # 39; to be the first black person in the official selection

Cannes (France), May 17 (APS) – French-Senegalese director Matt Diope, an official competition at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, announced a "sad sadness" on Friday. The first black director will be in the official selection at the Cannes Film Festival.

"My first feeling was a sadness, because I said to myself that we had to wait so long for that to happen, we are in 2019, it is late, that's unbelievable," she said. During his press conference at the festival palace, he said: "We have to work hard to make it normal."

"The fact that it is in this great film event in the world is great news, of course," says Matty Diop, who says she is not responsible for this first official selection of the black director.

"The better, I'm so proud. Maybe I represent a new dynamic, if that's the case, that's important, she says, claiming they "cruelly" lack black figures that could be a reference in the world. cinema.

Returning to the movie "Atlantic Ocean" in the Cannes official competition, the director points out that the ubiquitous sea in this feature film is "in itself".

My vision was to make the ocean a accomplice, as a supernatural force that devours youth. I wanted to make her speak, give her a voice, her presence is eloquent and metamorphosis, "explains the director.

Mati Diop explained the relationship between this short film & Atlantiques & # 39; (2009) with & lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt; S & # 39; and this first feature film & # 39; Atlantique & # 39; in an official competition in Cannes.

"I added + + + to the short film, because through the story of Serene (the character of the film) I wanted to provoke other crossings in the inland sea, such as slaves, the travel of the colonists to Africa, I wanted a correspondence between different stories that belong to moments in history, "she says.

Young actors Ibrahima Traore, Ajaya Mariamama Gasamah, Amadou Mbow and Mame Bintta Sane, who were also at the meeting, spoke about the difficulties in filming the film especially for the trance scene, but stressed their joy in realizing their dream.

For Oumar Sall, one of the producers of the movie "Atlantique," "this choosen co-production is done in perfect intelligence" with the French partners, but the cooperationsouthern-southern ration with Cote d'Ivoire,

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