Monday , October 3 2022

Carat du Goutier or the effect of Lebourgeois I PARIS TURF


Carat du Goutier

Carat du Goutier

The third success of Don Juan and Wouley was expected, but the one who was wrong at the beginning of course left the honors of Carat de Gutierrez and John Leeuwgege.

While Juan de Huuli quickly compromised his chances of "retreating" in a lack of pace, Carat de Gutierrez told his team under the leadership of John Lebourgue who had found him on that occasion, and deposed Divine Leone in the last turn to divert the vacant post. For his first appearance under the training of Charles Kuhller, the Au Nid de Gassard, a good finisher on the rope, took a rewarding second place before the Baron de l'Ormerie, who apparently quickly recovered his funds in a few months' absence, Divine di Leone blamed the strike for the finish, and Donuts Deludou, the third competitor of the second echelon on the arrival of this quintet.

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