Thursday , June 1 2023

Celebrating the 25-year-old garage career: The Prime Minister offers 10 million …


On the celebration of the 25-year garage career on Saturday, July 27 in the Palace of Culture, the Prime Minister of Ivory Coast made a gesture that was remarkable for garages. With the help of Minister Mamadou Toure of Youth, Mr. Amadou Gon Kulibali donated the sum of 10 million francs to Vaxakara's Mehanos.

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Gest who put a balm in the heart of the garages in the middle of their concert. In addition to the Prime Minister's speech, the Minister of Culture, Mr. Maurice Bandama, offered them 2 million euros to organize this anniversary. In addition, the fans also embarked on the beautiful scene created by Wendy & Co. at the Palais de la Culture venue for "Travaillement",

After all, the Mechanons have left this anniversary busy. While we are waiting for the real moment to be done between the artists and the organizers …

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