Wednesday , August 10 2022

CHAN 2020: Senegal and South Africa defeated, Madagascar wins


The first round of the CHAN 2020 qualifiers (CAN equivalent for local players) continued on Sunday with 7 games under the program. Still able to qualify for the final stage of the 2011 race, Senegal is again disappointed by the loss of 1-0 for Liberia. Lions will have to turn things around Saturday at home.

Disappointment also for South Africa, which lost 3: 2 from Lesotho. The two goals made Bafana Bafana hope before return home.

Equal and empty in derby Benin-Togo and Tanzania-Kenya (0-0). Not a winner, but many goals against Chad-Equatorial Guinea (3-3). The small option was finally taken from Madagascar, which won 1: 0 at home against Mozambique.

Program and results of the first round:

Central zone

Central African Republic – São Tomé (expected result)

Chad 3-3 Equatorial Guinea

West Zone B

Benin 0-0 Togo

West Zone A.

Guinea Bissau 0-4 Mali (Musa Kone X2, Ismiaka Samake, Cheick Tidiane Niang)

Cape Verde 0-0 Mauritania

Liberia 1-0 Senegal

Central Eastern Zone

Djibouti 0-1 Ethiopia

Burundi 2-0 South Sudan

Somalia 1-3 Uganda (Patrick Caddu 45th + 3rd, Mustafa Kitsa 64th and Tadeo Levanga 83rd for Uganda)

Tanzania 0-0 Kenya

South Zone (2nd Tower)

Comoros 0-2 Namibia (Elmon Ukondja Kambidou 68eDinamo Fredericks 88e)

Botswana 0-0 Zambia

Eusatini 1-1 Angola

Madagascar 1-0 Mozambique

Lesotho 3-2 South Africa

Monday 29, Mauritius-Zimbabwe

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