Saturday , June 19 2021

Chef: candidate for balance in production

After being eliminated by Top Boss, Sebastien Oger decided to react to criticism.

Eliminated by the first episode of the new Top Chef season, released on February 6, Sebastien Oger expressed his disappointment at his Instagram account in a publication published on February 12 and erased since then. Facing Twitter criticism, Pretentious, the chef decided to answer and point out the production of the show. "Little focus. The editing made by the production does not correspond to what I really am"He began to explain that he was not pretentious, because the editing of the show meant"People who know me are immediately aware of it. I'm not at all pretentious, on the contrary, talk to my acquaintances and you'll be convinced. "

According to him, the behavior of the candidates shown on the screen does not reflect their mode of action in fact during the filming. "I'm comfortable shooting and safe in myself, it's true because I'm very orderly and contrary to what we want to believe we get clues before the tests. Do you think it's natural to see everyone run into the kitchen? Do you think this is reality? No, but the production is part of the TV show"he added.

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