Sunday , July 3 2022

Communiqué of the Association of Trainees and Former Trainees of Hospitals in Senegal


Following an article by this Thursday, August 08, 2019, entitled "Hoggy: Doctor 'refuses' to treat his son's incident, Abdoulaye Guissé angry", an association of trainees and former trainees at n Abdulaye Gise and any press that recalls his words without hearing the restrained side.
Dr. Pape Matar Fall, cited by name in the article, is an inpatient physician who complies with the principles of ethics and the ethics of medicine.
He would not release the Senegalese patient lambda, just to bring to the patient this gentleman whatever he was known for, the more so that at the end of the line he followed the patient's health and that from his admission to Mbour hospital with colleagues on site , which patient had no vital risk and benefited from all necessary care.
The principles of medicine go beyond the social, the professional and provide equality in patient care
We call on Mr Abdoulaye Guissé to respect the medical and paramedical staff, but also the Senegalese population, because health is a right for everyone and he cannot afford to take libelous charges against this valiant doctor.

Dakar, 08 August 2019

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