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Corinne Cobson is no longer – Fifi ABOU DIB

Born in 1956, designer Corinne Cobson died of cancer on April 17th. Those who lived on the Paris night and Romerino on Full Moon will remember the suits she has created for the character of Luisa, located in the camp of the slim Pascale Ogier, 25, who died two months after the release of the film,

Cobson's fashion was above all a response to the expectations of a disturbing young man torn between the tragedy of AIDS and the uninterrupted feast that animated urban nights between disco, brilliance and mirror balls. Daughter of Eli and Jaclyn Jacobson, creators of Dorothée Bis, Corinne Cobson, left school at age 16 and decided to work in the family business. She gets very tired of the strange tasks she is entrusted to, and decides to learn about the creation. When she is the working horse of the house, she tries to create her first sweater with the help of a knitter. It's a long sweater like a miniature, loose hole and big holes, but overall, this sweater "missed" is of no interest. Better, it's a commercial success.

Corinne Cobson released its brand in 1987, and its style is more contemporary than established brands. She is the first to go through her tights without tights to show her chest and navel, lower her trousers under her waist, and cut the dressing sweater. It observes, listens, cultivates itself as an autodidact and displays unparalleled sensitivity in the air. Now in the punk chic spirit, she uses a few materials but without compromising on quality. Cotton lycra and fleece, textiles, little used in those years, are the main elements of his only dictionary. She who says she is inspired by music, street, exhibitions, or spot on bitumen does not hesitate to break, tear, cut and pioneered fashion recovered from mass production today, but really personalized at that time. Creative in all directions, Coryn Cobson will give her talent to other great brands like Cacharel. She will sign the makeup palette for L 'Oréal and, above all, will diversify the furniture and durable decoration under the label of Corinne Cobson Home. She was married to photographer Tanguy Loyzance. The latter announced his death in Instagram with these simple words: "Corinne Cobson. My love. 1956-2019. "

Strange is the message that the designer herself left on the same media, with the same black and white portrait a few hours before her great departure: "Ciao tutti! I went for my last trip … I love you all Love! Elegant and light even in a tragedy .

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