Monday , May 29 2023

Curtiss Hades, this spectacular electric motorcycle will be launched in 2020


Curtiss Motorcycles surprises once again with a new concept for a radical electric motor with a radical design. Despite its prototype, it will be good and really put on the market next year … For $ 75,000!

Opening of Curtis HadesLovers of beautiful motorcycles who know the American brand Confederate Motorcycles will quickly recognize the foot of designer J.T. Nesbitt. The one to whom we owe the magnificent confederation Wraith and Hellcat has signed this new concept electrical motor for Motorcycles Curtis. At least we can say that the result is spectacular.

Hades hit his first style retro-futuristic with this signature fork J.T. Nesbitt and bending, which holds the battery of 16.8 kWh. this motorcycle Electric is also surprising because of its minimalism based on the idea of ​​using as many pieces for more than one use. For example, the curved seat holds the tail lights. We also note the lack of a rear brake pedal that it has summer replaced by the left hand lever instead of the clutch, a trend that is more and more widespread electric motorcycles,

Hades's 399-volt battery is hidden in this beautiful processed warhead. © Motorcycles Curtiss

217 horses for 200 Nm of torque

The drive is up to the speed the design implies with a 162 kW engine that develops 217 horses for 200 Nm of torque. This promises fast acceleration. For the moment nothing is known about battery life or battery life of 399 volt,

But for those who think Curtis Hades is above all learning the style, think again! Curtiss Motorcycles intends to market this electrical motor at the elite rate of 75,000 dollar (€ 67,750 at the current rate). If the project attracts sufficient interest from investors, Hades's production should begin next year.

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