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Unpublished data
in millions of euros
H1 2018 H1 2019 change
licenses 7.1 5.9 -17%
Support – Support 8.6 9.8 + 14%
Software Edition Turnover 15.6 15.6
services 5.6 6.9 + 22%
materials 3.9 2.1 -46%
Total half-year turnover 25.2 24.6 -2%
Total gross trade margin 22.2 23.0 + 3.5%
Commercial margin 88% 93% + 5 points

DALET, a software solutions developer for creating, managing and distributing multimedia content for operators, content operators and producers, achieved a turnover of € 24.6 millionv half of its financial year 2019, a slight decrease of -2% compared to 1v This is mainly due to the decline in sales of variable and low yield equipment. With the exception of sales of equipment, sales grew by almost 6%. This revenue mix is ​​reflected in the gross trade margin, which grew by 3.5% to 23 million euros.

High performance services, a sharp decline in equipment

Half of the revenue from software releases is stable at EUR 15.6 million, with growth in maintenance (+ 14%) offsetting the decline in license sales (-17.5%), with an unfavorable base effect. The volume of services in business (+ 22%) has increased sharply, driven by the implementation of several major projects. Non-strategic and very cyclic sales of materials sales dropped 46 percent to 2.1 million euros, the group recalls that the sale of equipment is not strategic. This combination of activities favored gross profit, which reached a very high percentage of 93%.

High growth across the Atlantic, slower activity in the EMEA

DALET has achieved sustained growth in North and South Americav semester with a turnover of 11.1 million, an increase of almost 14%. In the EMEA area, the decline in licenses has affected consolidated sales by almost 15% to € 10.4 million. Asia-Pacific region stops after 1v a dynamic quarter and slightly declined by -4% to € 3.1 million.

Acquiring Ooyala Flex Media Platform activity

After the end of 1v half a year, DALET has announced the acquisition of Ooyala's assets (Ooyala Flex Media platform) for 4.3 million euros, including 1.7 million euros in cash and balance in existing shares and new shares representing about 5% of dilution. Thanks to this operation, DALET is expanding its offering with a SaaS media asset management solution quickly to win new customers with a real demand for media management such as telecom operators, leagues and sports teams, or corporate customers. DALET also accelerates its transition to regular income models,
Ooyola has installed a base of nearly 50 clients, including more than half of the subscription and SaaS mode.

This customer base generates a periodic subscription, SaaS, and maintenance revenue of € 3.9 million per year on-the-go, plus ongoing sales of services and licenses representingv In July 2019, the order book for the next twelve months was EUR 2.2 million.

Clarify goals for 2019 t

The acquisition of the Ooyala Flex Media Platform platform will enable DALET to boost its dynamic turnover and trade margin. The integration of Ooyala's teams is in progress. In the near future, synergies and cost-cutting measures will be implemented to bring Ooyala back to balance while maintaining growth momentum. DALET will communicate more precisely its goals after the acquisition when it publishes its half-year results in September.

Next meeting

Publication of the results of the first half of 2019 on 24 September after the stock market

For DALET digital media systems

DALET solutions allow operators and media professionals to create, manage and distribute content faster and more efficiently to maximize the value of their media assets. DALET offers a rich palette of collaborative tools to manage complete workflows for news, news, sports and entertainment, post-production, archiving, radio, government agencies, and corporate.

Dalet's platforms are modular and scalable. They offer rich feature-rich, targeted applications to address critical missions for small and large media organizations such as planning, work organization, acquisition, cataloging, editing, transcoding, automation diffusion, multi-platform distribution and analysis.

DALET tools are used worldwide by thousands of content producers and distributors, including public broadcasters and broadcasters (ABS-CBN, BBC, DR, FMM, France TV, Radio Canada, RAI, RFI, Russia today, VOA) Largest Private Networks and Operators (Canal +, Fox, Euronews, MBC Dubai, MediaCorp, Mediaset, Orange, Spectrum Charter, Warner Bros., Sirius-XM Radio) and government agencies (British Parliament, NATO, .

DALET is included in the list of Euronext Paris C. ISIN: FR0011026749, Bloomberg DLT: FP, Reuters: DALE.PA, Mnemo: DLT. More information at


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