Sunday , June 13 2021

Defal Lula Neex Yaa Tey »: After Keur Guy, Simon attacks the regime of Mackay Sal

XALIMANEWS: He managed to keep the Senegalese stunned for a few days. This week, Simon Kuka publishes in social media a picture he boasts of President MacKee Sal, with the inscription "Simon declares his love for Maki Sal, Defal Lula Neek Yaa Tay." Enough to attract the flash of some internet users who did not understand the figure and believed the rapper had joined the presidential camp. But in fact, this whole scenario announces the release of a pipe to Simon. In this song the rapper attacks the Macky Sall regime, as was the case with the rap group Keur Gui with his hit Sai-Saï.

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