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"Diabetics should break a post when they feel bad"

"We feel our patients 15 days before Ramadan through messages, asking them to break the post when they feel bad. This avoids possible risks during the Ramadan period, "he said.

Etc. Diop maintains that this approach aims to encourage diabetics to regularly check blood sugar and blood sugar levels twice a day.

"" Our role as a doctor is to tell our patients that given the current state of diabetes, they can not hurry, but some do not follow the guidelines, "he complained.

He advised diabetics whose sugar level was not controlled to hurry if they had experienced complications three months before Ramadan.

"If diabetes has complications in the heart, kidneys or has a child, we do not advise him to fast," says Pr. Diop, former director of the center Mark Sankale at Abbas Ndao's hospital. Dakar.

He says starvation is not forbidden only for high-risk diabetics, but also for those who pose a medium risk. "Those who have a sugar level of more than 2.50 grams just before Ramadan are also not bound to rush," he said.

However, he said that diabetics with an imbalance of their disease may catch up with Ramadan after the sugar level stabilizes.

There are diabetics among them who do not take insulin. For them we want to rush as we recommend taking a lot of water, one liter in the morning and another night, "he said.

"A diabetic who does not tolerate enough risk when he wants to hurry is summoned to consume no more than three dates because it can not harm his health if there is a good hygiene of life," says the specialist.

He explained that it is recommended that patients take two rest dates and one morning before the posture begins.

Regardless of the life span, sugar is banned for diabetes. All sugar should be banned before, during or after Ramadan. He noted that this is an obligation that they must respect if they want to be in good health.

"Diabetes is a long-term race. This disease is not a problem for the day because it is not cured, it is stabilized, "he said, stressing the importance of keeping the diet.

Fruits, which are often the basis of the increase in sugar levels, should also be consumed in moderate amounts, Diop

Therefore, he adds, it is recommended that diabetics during this period consume two fruits per day to prevent the increase in sugar.


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