Sunday , July 3 2022

Dj Arafat's death: Ivorian artists through tears


Following the announcement of the death of artist Arafat Dj, many of his colleagues have left messages on social networks. Witness their love for him.

The death of the famous Ivorian artist Dj Arafat by his real name Huon Angel Didier leaves no one indifferent. A sudden death that leaves Ivorian artists in tears. Many of them have left messages on social networks. "RIP, you would! May GOD give you paradise, ”wrote Molare, the initiator of the Offbeat Coupe and PRIMUD event awards. "So you did this to me, huh? We started rehearsals for our December concert, how do we do it? And the feat we were preparing to surprise the fans, we couldn't even ask the voices you left behind why? Wondering the model of the artists, Serge Beyno with a crying emoticon. Outlining their joint project planned for the end of 2019.

Meanwhile, Dj Kedjevara wanted more family. “You were actually my big brother, but I was watching over you a lot. At every concert, I asked you if everything was okay. What can I do for you? Some accuse me of loving you too much, despite your behavior. But the family remains the family. I thought it was the last buzz, but alas Who will make me laugh. Who will warm me. Will I be watching live now? , "He wrote in memory of his brother.

Melage Tresore

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