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DJ Arafat's work is finally recognized: The singer is an officer of cultural merit by Maurice Bandaman

Finally, it can be said that the credit of DJ Arafat has just been recognized. And the singer was very happy this Wednesday, February 13, 2019, in connection with the cultural return of the Ministry of Culture and Francophony, where he was appointed an officer of cultural merit by Minister Maurice Bandaman.

DJ Arafat, with 16 other personalities from the Ministry of Culture and Francophony, was decorated this afternoon in the Christian Lathier room at the Treichville Cultural Palace. This award of merit is very well received by the singer, who has given her all her joy and gratitude to the first person in charge of culture in Cote d'Ivoire.

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He had to wait a few years of hard work and especially to show a lot of wisdom and maturity to win the prize, according to Maurice Bademaman. And his "rebirth" was for many in his distinction.

Indeed, in April 2018, DJ Arafat shouted out his indignation that he was not among the artists and cultural actors decorated by the Minister of Culture and Francophony. He even had a strong protest against Molare, who had received this distinction. In a live video, DJ Arafat thought he was still a great forgotten about the state of Cote d'Ivoire. Bear Sama said he had brought too much to the people of Cote d'Ivoire so long as he did not have the slightest decoration.

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"I see many things about Facebook as compared to Molara's decoration. Listen to China, do what your heart says, do what seems right to you. You know I see the fight you are leading, we have to tell the truth, that's your fun, – he reacted from France where he was on a long European tour.

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Responding to DJ Arafat's reaction after the decoration of four show business actors, among whom Le Molare, Angelo Kabila, Aimé Zebié and Bilé Didier had promised to get disgruntled artists. "Highly appreciated, I will receive Arafat," he said, recommending Arafat a lot of wisdom and maturity to claim such a distinction. The message that was delivered, Beer Sama could have been so many years after this decoration.

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