Wednesday , September 28 2022

El Hadji Mansour Mbaie: "The Letter I entrusted to Tanor"


Died on Monday, July 15, 2019 in Paris, Usmanne, Tanor Dieng, buried in his native Nguyenne on Wednesday, where he rested with his father. The funeral continues at his Dakar home, more precisely at point E.

On Thursday, July 18, 2019, celebrating the burial ceremony on the third day, the funeral bureau is always full. The tent, which meets parents, relatives, friends and comrades, is crowded. Large fans are installed to mitigate the heat of hell.

The time is to offer condolences. The delegates of the various Socialist Party coordinators in Senegal turn to the microphone to testify to the deceased. Some describe him as an honest politician, discreet, useful and republican. Others remember the good father he was, the loyal party leader he has always been in his life.

Placed in the first row, the widows, all dressed in white, receive the condolences they represent, and respond with the prayers of Amen formulated to rest the soul of the deceased.

The president of the republic was announced on stage at 4 pm. It is finally about 17:40, which will arrive on the spot. The family spokesman, El Hadji Mansour Mbaie, in tears delivers Ulm's latest recommendations, Tanor Dieng. In his announcement, Tanor said he had never regretted his companion with Mackay Sal, who had always been faithful to him. He also said that you have kept all the commitments you have made. In this letter, which Usum Tanor Dieng entrusted to me before his death, Gentleman Tanor Dieng thanked his two wives who had been with him all his illness. He asks his family to unite more. For the Socialist Party fighters he asks them to preserve the party's legacy. " By reporting the words of Usamane, Tanor Dieng, El Hadji Mansour Mbaie casts warm tears, dragging the whole audience into sadness.

Speaking, Amina Mbengue Ndiaye talks about the work done by the deceased at the level of the international socialist. According to her, Usamane Tanor Dieng has done a favor for his country and for all mankind. "He was real Republican. I spent 7 years with him in Diouf's office. He is a statesman just to the end of his hair. Tanor has never used administrative leave, "her assistant said, warmly thanking the President of the Republic for the loyalty and cooperation of Usmani Tanor Dingg.



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