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ETASI: Subcontractor turning to the Malaysian state

Adama Sidibe is the general manager of ETASI (a subsidiary of Adama Sidibé), a subsidiary of the Sidibé Group of Companies. We met him on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, at the Lulo Mines during a media briefing at Barric, in which he held a large portion of outsourcing, including mining and hall. The man said that today there are several hundred people (300 to 400), with a salary of about 200 million francs a month. A real player in the fight against unemployment, deadly immigration in the Mediterranean and others. Today, Adam is a subcontractor of several mining companies in the country, such as Randgold Resources today Barrick, Anglogold Ashanti, Endeavor Mining, B2Gold, Hummingbird Resources.

This great glory, Adam says duty to Mark Bristow, CEO of Barrick. It is this great mining operator that is well known by the Malians who train and help him, as well as many other Malian subcontractors. That is why he pays tribute to this man, who knew how to play the role that belongs to the Malian state. The state must train and protect local subcontractors, especially in the mining sector. Some states like Ghana, South Africa and even the DRC have understood this. They have found the legal arsenal that protects local subcontractors. "Why does not Mally do that much?" "Question by Mr Sidibé: An inquiry, shared by Mark Bristow, to whom we have asked the same question: the latter invites us to ask the Malian authorities.

Today, ETASI allows many Maltians to take up jobs that foreigners have cleared in the past; large Western societies have been replaced by Malians.

In subcontracting, the scope of operations is huge and the market is highly segmented. It ranges from the supply of materials and products needed for mining, transport and staffing through childcare, mineral analysis, logistics, environmental monitoring and many other activities. benefits.

These include excavation and on-site transportation of ores, finished products to ports in the sub-region or imported raw materials. Customs operations, logistics, maintenance, construction of mines and factories or the supply of vehicles, equipment and other materials to the mining industry are other niches.

The state must train and protect its citizens for these opportunities. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Mali.

Founded in 2001 by Adama Sidbé, ETASI, a subsidiary of the Sidbe Entreprises Group, began its business in trade in construction machinery and spare parts and in works through public auctions.

In its own way, ETASI is gradually focusing its activities on public works and the leasing of building materials and construction machinery. The company now offers its services to mining companies, road construction companies and infrastructure and irrigation companies.

It was in 2006 that ETASI effectively began large-scale operations and owed its success thanks to the strong cooperation it has managed to maintain with national and international partners as well as with its activities covering the entire territory of Mali,

Abdoulaye Diakité


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