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Europe at the heart of the Avignon Festival

Photo © Christophe Raynaud de Lage

"We, Europe, Banquet of the Nations" by Laurent Gade, set by Roland Auzet, will undoubtedly remain one of the best moments at the Avignon 2019 Festival. A show that would deserve the honest court without insulting Pascal's Architecture Rambert, who sometimes had accents of classical tragedy due to the superiority of his actors over everything else. Rammer attempts to describe the ruin of the great Viennese family in the first half of the 20th century, tortured by personal dramas reinforced by convulsions of history, which is not without reference to the "cursed" in the same Cour d'appel in 2016 by Ivo Van Hove. "We, Europe, Banquet of the Peoples" is a more generous and generous reflection on the desire of Europe, which is impossible, which one believes less and less because of the lack of narrative and hence the desire. "For some time, Europe seems to have forgotten that it is the daughter of the epic and utopia," Gadde writes, clearly declaring his desire to develop this story.

In her poem, beautiful, worn by eleven artists of different nationalities, accompanied by amateur people composed of children, women and men of all ages, he gives the body and the flesh of the European idea, "say what we want to be" in this utopia in the process of construction.Without to obscure the initial shortcomings and deviations on the road, it calls for a common European citizenship that prefers the comfort of the crowd with courage to make people.From incredible wealth, and it is necessary to congratulate the talent of director Roll Andus Auset, the show covers the great periods, provokes the colonization, the First World War, the first locomotive, Prague and May 68, the Shoah, the wall of Berlin – the decor is a big wall that blocks the courtyard of St. Joseph's high school – the attacks of 2015, The history of obstetric violence, which shows some great figures rehabilitating, and especially women and men, hanging on this old moon, Europe as a buoy All is a musical background that comes from the metal of a German rocker, the wonderful Carolina Rose, Brazil's delicate song alto Rodrigo Ferreira, whose sounds illuminate the night Avignon. Total show, completely successful.

Laurent Gade does not fail to invoke some great custodians, including the European Camoufler, who writes: "Our Europe is an adventure that we will continue to do in the wind of intelligence. "We, Europe, Banquet of the Nations," this wind rises in the courtyard of Lycée Saint-Joseph, where the public is able to congratulate the actors and does not hesitate to respond to their invitation to join them on stage, in one of those great moments of Avignon, long carved into the memory of the festival's visitors.

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