Sunday , July 3 2022

"Everyone considers his Tariqa the best … Sheikh Sidi Mohtar has been fighting a lot of this division between Muslims"


It was at 9am that in fervor and devotion, Imam El Hadji Malik Dian led the prayer of Eid El Kabir on Monday, August 12, at the Grand Mosque in Dakar. Following the absence of Imam Aliyun Musa Samb for health reasons, El Haj Haj Malik Diagna was appointed for this purpose.

In his sermon, the imam begins his preaching by lamenting the belligerent war on students who, in fact, misunderstand the values ​​and ideals espoused by the brotherhood's ancestors. "In Senegal, instead of relying on the teachings and precepts of Islam, we emphasize our belonging to this or that religious family. A true mission that the imam came up with during his address to the Muslim community praying at the Grand Mosque in Dakar. Senegalese prefer identification over a religious home, and everyone thinks the Tariqa he identifies is the best.

As such, El Hadj Malick Diagne to emphasize that the first to take action for unity and cohesion among Muslims of all faiths is undoubtedly the late Caliph General of the Moors, Sheikh Sidi Mohtar Mbake.

"Sheikh Sidi Mohtar Mbake has dealt with this division between Muslims since his accession to Khilafat," said the imam, who was temporary in the absence of Imam Alioun Musa Samba. For him, Muslims would gain by following the recommendations of God and following in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his faithful companions.

In making news, the imam has formulated prayers for an abundant winter, but also for a calm social climate marked by constant dialogue.

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