Friday , March 31 2023

"Explain what we call a Senegalese company"


Baidi Agne, chairman of the National Council of Employers (CNP), warns the state of the dangers that Senegalese companies are doing in the context of local content in the oil and gas sector. He was a guest at Sud Fm's Objection show.

Senegal company

For the first Vice-President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs Council (CESE) we need to clarify what we call the Senegalese company. Because if we go on without clarifying local content for oil rents, it will cause problems.


"When you hear local content, you immediately think of Baidui Agne and the others, that is, the Senegalese, but today, in the very definition of what we call a Senegalese company, it is simply a Senegal law company. , that a Chinese company that is there to work in Senegal becomes a Senegalese company like Baidey Agne, "he explains.

The solution

Baidu Agne suggested "to redefine the Senegalese company as a company in which the shareholding is Senegalese. "

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