Wednesday , May 18 2022

Facebook: USA – The FTC chief did not oppose the dismantling of digital gloves


August 13 (Reuters) – US Federal Commission of
(FTC) is ready to dismantle the major, if necessary
technology platforms through mergers,
tell your president Joe Simmons in a diffuse interview
Tuesday by Bloomberg Agency.

Dmanteler group is not easy, but it could
to be the perfect vehicle for bringing in the ranks of
dominant groups and restoring competition, he said.

The FTC is currently conducting a broad review to determine whether
groups like Facebook interfere with competition.

The agency did not respond to a request for comment from

Numeral gloves are suspicious with
US and elsewhere in the world, legislators,
consumer associations and their competitors
that they have too much power to the detriment of the public and of
(Ismail Shakil Bangalore, Vronic Tyson for service

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