Monday , September 26 2022

False bills sell Libra even before their launch from Facebook (press)


The digital currency that Facebook intends to launch in 2020 is already the subject of false reports and misleading information on the Internet, Washington Post reports.

Dozens of bogus accounts, pages, and groups that appear on the Internet and social networks, such as the official sale and purchase platforms for Libra, have risen in recent days, the US daily writes. offers to buy pre-lions with other virtual currencies such as Bitcoin or its credit card.

Some of the fake accounts and Facebook and Instagram pages were followed by hundreds of Internet users. This includes Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.

Washington Post, Facebook and Instagram said they removed some of the accounts that included the social networking logo and the photos of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO.

Associated with AFP, Facebook does not respond immediately.

For Facebook, the occurrence of these counterfeit Libra reports even before the launch of the currency is a blow because it arises when the social network faces a squabble of politicians and regulators around the world who think that this currency is a threat to the global financial system .

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Munchin said Facebook will be the subject of "Very high safety standards" before they can participate in the payment system.

Finance ministers of the G-7 also voiced their concerns last week. French Minister Bruno Le Maire said the conditions were not "I did not meet again to create Libra today",

With the announcement of this digital currency offering an alternative payment method to traditional bank channels in mid-June, Facebook wants to upset the global financial system.

Promised for 2020, Libra is inspired by crypto-assets such as Bitcoin, but will be run by a non-profit consortium.

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