Wednesday , September 28 2022

FIFA 20: Video game shows new features


This turns into a ritual every year, the video game of the FIFA football simulation arrives the next 27 September with the 2020 releaseIn addition to the basic gameplay that plays football and the expulsion of Juventus Turin's team to go to its rival PES, FIFA 20 reveals through a trailer features that have never been seen in the old games. This should please football fans not to have the same story every year. In the program: better artificial intelligence for enemy players, developed targeting system, better physics of the ball … FIFA 20 promises to be more revolutionary than its predecessors.

Official Image of FIFA 20
Official Image of FIFA 20

According to an article explaining the news of FIFA 20, you will have the opportunity to evaluate everything to have complete knowledge of the opponent and the field. You will also be able to aim more clearly during penalties and free kick because the target will be more visible and will help you even better. Not to mention that all pictures can be measured and have an effect thanks to Revised physics of the ball until you reach realism. Professional players will enjoy having new features to master, allowing FIFA 20 to develop and not to be limited to a simple football game.

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