Wednesday , December 2 2020

For fans Salah had fun with Sergio Ramos during Liverpool-Watford – African sport

Liverpool were not in their best match against Watford on Saturday, but still managed to win all three points. Reds struggled to attack in recent weeks, and Juergen Klop decided to try something new by putting Mohamed Sala at the helm and Roberto Firminho on one side.

But it looks like he did not bring the fruit because the two players headed straight to the door. Liverpool is struggling to destroy its opponents, but they finally took a victory when Sala scored their sixth goal of the season. Trent Alexander-Arnold scored an unusual free kick 12 minutes later to give Liverpool the match. Firmino scored in the last minutes to allow the team to be tied with 3: 0.

Sergio Ramos was criticized by Liverpool fans after his fatal strike against Salah in the Champions League final and the feud between the two sides was restored by Deyan Loren last year. It was his fault that Sala came out of the Champions League final with tears.

And after they scored against Watford on Saturday, some Liverpool fans think Sala deliberately copied the Ramos holiday. For your holidays, Ramos crosses his arms and raises his fingers, which Salah did to celebrate his goal.

Honestly, this does not seem very similar. And some Liverpool fans think he has copied well Ramos. IHowever, there may be other explanations. Salah lifted six fingers, which could represent the number of goals he scored this season or the number of goals he scored against Watford during his career.

Whatever his motives, there is no doubt that Sala will have to explain his holiday.

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