Monday , June 21 2021

For the "Effective Implementation" of the Collective Agreement and the Press Code

DARKAR, Jan. 26 (APS) – Ibrahima Khalillah Nayee, leaving the secretary general of the Union of Information and Communication Specialists in Senegal (SYNPICS), stressed on Saturday that journalists should work for the effective implementation of the new Collective Agreement and the Press Code.

"We believe that we need to be able to develop and exchange to achieve effective implementation of these texts," he said during his speech at the 10th SYNPICS Regular Congress.

"We emphasized the need and urgency for immediate implementation of both texts so we can know the collective agreement and the Press Code," said Niedie, who would leave the head of the union the results of the congress.

In this way, he expressed the desire to quickly finalize the application texts in order to allow the profession and the media as a whole to make a substantial difference.

In Senegal, a new collective agreement for journalists has recently come into force. It regulates, among other things, the exercise of the profession, in particular the part concerning the remuneration and remuneration of the participants. It has replaced the Convention since 1992.

The Press Code adopted on 20 June 2017 by the National Assembly covers the definition of the status of journalists and media practitioners, the rights and obligations of journalists and the rules governing the economic aspect of the press.

At the opening of the SYNPICS Congress, whose theme is the implementation of this text, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Communications, Telecommunications, Posts and the Digital Economy, Yoro Musa Diallo confirmed the commitment. to finalize as soon as possible the process of implementing the new Press Code.


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