Monday , October 3 2022

Ford announces about 200 redundancies in Canada


US car maker Ford announced on Friday about 200 redundancies in its Ouquille assembly line in Canadian province of Ontario.

"The cuts will begin in September," said Ford spokesman Kelly Fellker, in an email to AFP.

The Oakwick meeting line, west of Toronto, has 4,600 employees, according to Ford.

The spokesman said sales of the Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT sedans were slowing down and that the SUV Edge was no longer sold in some European markets.

"We have a long-standing practice of adapting production to consumer demand," she said.

Other dismissals may follow in January, said Dave Thomas, president of the Union, who represents Oakville employees, on the Unifor website.

This announcement is yet another blow to the automotive industry in Ontario, where Chrysler and General Motors have announced nearly 4,000 abortions since autumn.


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