Wednesday , September 28 2022

Forecast Quinté + Prix Grands Boulevards, Thursday in Deauville. GEONPI deserves its event …


The Sixteen Candidates for Grands Boulevards Award, Thursday in Deauville on Thursday, all participated in at least one event, four of them even boast of winning. It remains a good series of good results and a recent second test of the same invoice, at the beginning of the month of this course, the 8-year-old GEONPI (photo) we will have our preferences.

Our free forecast of Quinté + Pmu of the day

16 GEONPI If he is still looking for the first victory in such a society, this eight-year-old metal has six seats in twelve races. Evidence of its effectiveness at this level. The recent second at this level, moreover, in this course of mile deauvillais, will be preserved at the head of our forecast.

6 DEGRATION His last three performances in quintet have finished in so many places among the top five. It also shows five seats in nine runs. After an unsuccessful exit at Vigo Grand Prix, he found the handicap with a nice playing card.

7 LARNA : This inhabitant of Matthew Butin is regular by quintet. He has six seats in sixteen attempts. Third from Grand Handicap Normandy, July 7, on this route, where two of its rivals dominate the day, deserves to be ranked among the race's priority choices.

4 HAY BAY : He won the quintet in early October in Lyon-Paris. Despite the more unfavorable gravity situation, since then he has been honored and recently at this level. Having surpassed three times over a distance of 2000 meters, he returns here a mile with ambitions.

13 OPTICAL LIGHT : Winner of the quintet, last year at Saint-Cloud, he approached this meeting with freshness. His first appearance in 2019 ended with an honorable 5th place, recently in ParisLongchamp. Developing his home and second only way out on this route, he deserves credit.

10 WETROV : Of course, this 4-year-old trained Ralph Rona not only will have to deal with the numbers out in the stalls (inherit 16), but it also remains a failure at this level and at that location. But he finished better than his gross ranking, which shows that day. That is why the lovers of valid external people will be interesting here;

14 WOW : Trained through the Rhine Andreas Subborix, this 5-year-old has just proven its good shape in Hamburg. On the other hand, he ranks third in the cantilena, playing Mars on the sand. Effective on mile and on good ground, it seems to be able to shine, at least to gain access.

1 UP UP : In the best case. Confirms his victory recorded at the Prix du Cotentin on July 8th in this course where he was in front of our favorite Geonpi. A success that has earned him to be raised by ten pounds on the handicap scale. Although this value is revised upwards, it keeps its word for places.

In the case of a participant: 8 PASTICHOP

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