Sunday , June 20 2021

France: Computer Security Gendarmerie Fears of "Cyber-Pearl Harbor"

Anssi's director, French computer security officer Guillaume Poupard, is afraid of "a series of massive surprise attacks," believing that all the technical elements are collected for "cyber-pearl harbor."

"We are afraid and want to avoid a series of massive surprise attacks, all the technical elements are available, we only have the will and fire the first wick," said the director of the National Computer Security Agency in an interview with Paris Friday night .

Mr. Poupard warns of two threats, "the theft of intelligence" and "sabotage." "The geopolitical context is getting worse, some countries may some day be tempted to attack us with cyber attacks," he warns.

Annie's boss explains that he "has detected attacks by state actors, private or terrorist, who still do not seek to destroy but establish and study computer systems" in three important sectors: "Energy, Telecommunications and "For example, it is necessary to anticipate the terrorist attacks that, after 10 years, involve an aircraft whose system has been hacked," he continues.

The French government also announced on Friday its intention to boost "mobile network security" in order to prevent any attempt to spy on or sabotage the next-generation mobile 5G.

This proposal comes amid the mistrust of the world's number one Chinese producer, Huawei, and fears the possible use of its equipment by Chinese intelligence services, particularly in the United States.

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