Monday , July 26 2021

French Arms: Egypt does not want more

France in 2015 would offer Egypt the helicopter NH90, the French manufacturer Airbus Helicopters. The relations between the two countries at that time preached good military contracts, but only against all odds Egypt would prefer the French model of its Italian direct competitor – AW149. Collapse of the French military industry.

Egypt prefers Leonardo

Leonardo Helicopters according to experts, the 9th largest arms company in the world, with arms sales of $ 9.3 billion in 2015 (SIPRI). Its products, military helicopters, combat aircraft, unmanned airplanes, missiles, armored vehicles or seagoing weapons will be sold for Oman, in Pakistan, Libya,Algeria, Turkey and nowEgypt, Leonardo is largely an Italian company; but from 2016, the date of merger with AgustaWestlandThe Italian giant is also part of the consortium NHIndustries, with L & apos;Germany ; on France and Netherlands,

This would therefore be under the guise of a proposal sponsored by NHIndustries, that Leonardo 's AW149 is a pioneer in NH90 French, to order, the international press reported, to more than thirty helicopters. Egyptian fake jump in Moscow since helicopters Ka-to 52 Tar, have also been removed from the race. However, the French media reported that French diplomacy was far from discouraged to contact the Egyptian government to see ways and means of securing other trade fronts, such as the Herve Guillau naval support group or the European leader in the field, MBDA.

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