Thursday , July 29 2021

Friday, Bamour Number 11 on the quintet day will be the main Turfomania game

Eighteen athletes will compete today at the Prix Huberta, the quince day support event, at a distance of 2850 meters in Paris Vincennes.

Bamour, number 11 in the afternoon afternoon in Paris Vincennes will be our base, which should not be missed.

The base of the Turfomania game in Quintet on Friday in Vincennes, Paris

Bamour (11): A qualifying horse, this resident of Mathieu Mottier has won four consecutive races at the end of 2018, the last one here at the speed of the Vincennes Great Track, then makes it an excellent 1 / 6. The last second, still in Vincenne, after the re-entry, was preceded only by the very good form Hoax, which finished well. If he has to make the distance here, he has the necessary quality to achieve it, playing a first role in advancing in good conditions. My favourite!

Bamour's total statistics

  • Competitions: 48
  • Winning: 12
  • Placement: 23
  • Winning success rate: 25%
  • Success: 48%

Bamour statistics on the route we care about

  • Competitions: 4
  • Victory: 1
  • Placement: 2
  • Winning success rate: 25%
  • Success: 50%

Statistics of MOTTIER M. Bamour

Bamour will be linked to MOTTIER M., which shows success in the first 3 of 50% (15 placed in 30 races)

To see the list of starters, predictions and the past of the Quinté Plus race for the day: click here

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