Thursday , June 1 2023

Friendly: Napoli surpassed Liverpool!


Friendly pre-season matches offer some pleasant disruptions among European clubs. After their group-stage races in the final Champions League won by the Reds, Liverpool and Naples were in Scotland for a warm-up game. And the ruling European champions formed a team close to the eleven past seasons. In fact, Jurgen Klop bet on 4-3-3 with a trio attack consisting of Georgie Vijnallum, Alexander Oksled-Chamberel and Diver Origins in the absence of Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino. Napoli, on the other hand, chose a 4-4-2, expensive Carlo Ancelotti, with Costas Manollas in central defense or Lorenzo Insigne, Dres Mertens and Arkadyus Milik in attack.

And this game was a flying start. The first occasion was signed by Oregi. In the center of Robertson, the Belgian was alone in the penalty spot but missed his deflection, which went right to the pole (4th). A few minutes later, Simone Verdi answered the "red" forward with a nice curling shot that forced Minielett to fight (10th). At the base of the first half, the Italians emphasized their hold on the match, and it was Insigne who found this flaw. Perfectly fired at the right side, the striker knocked at the entrance to the surface and defeated Mignolet (17th, 0-1). Half an hour later, the Vesuvius club brand doubled the mark through Millik. After the Insignia floods, he still took the center of his teammate and mysticizes the goalkeeper in a cross-stroke (27th, 0-2). Shortly before half, Wijnaldum thought he would reduce the score, but his goal logically was denied offside position (54th). Both teams returned to the dressing room with this two-goal advantage in favor of Napoli.

Lorenzo Insigne is already in shape

After half-time Carlo Ancelotti made his first changes. Manollas stepped back to Chiriches, Mario Ruy to Fouzi Goulam and Mertens to Amine Yunes. And the last participant weighed a little more. The German shot Lorenzo Insinne and only had to push the ball deep into the net (52, 0-3). In the hours of play, and thanks to the seriousness of his team, Ancelotti made a turn. Luperto entered Maximimovic's position, Hissai replaced Di Lorenzo, and Gaetano replaced Verdi. In turn, Juergen Klop gave time to play on his young shoots, while his owners suffered great pain in this game. So Lalana, Wilson, Lovren took the place of Henderson, Oklady-Chamberbury and Matip.

At the end of the game, Liverpool retained possession of the ball, but it was sterile. Gli Azzurri was ahead of him and recited his football. If the Neapolitans were frightened of the time when Hissai had almost scored against him (80th), they stood up against the last English pressure. While Partenopians experienced some difficulty in previous matches (winning in three games), Carlo Ancelotti's men retreated against a hard opponent. This is not the case for the residents of Anfield, who struggled to be dangerous without their usual trio for attack. Klopp players will need to raise their level of play before the Premier League resumes on August 9th.

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