Wednesday , August 10 2022

Gana Guèye's wife poses with Youssou Ndour


Yusu Ndur is a strong supporter of the national team. Currently, the singer must have arrived safely in Egypt to attend the Lions final.

A song of the lions

Youssou Ndour did not sing Lions this time, but his song "Radiak Radiakh" is all the rage of the FM band. But as a supporter the singer went out on the streets of Medina to celebrate the lions' qualification in the final.

In Egypt for the final

To attend the live match, Yusu Ndur was invited by the special government delegation. The planetary artist will have the opportunity to instill Lair before the match.

Compatibility with the wife of Ghana

Known around the world, Yusu Ndur met Ghana Gue's wife in the fields. In a photo posted on social networks, dear in the middle of the Lions is very happy with the star.

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