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Give me freedom: the rhythm of the disabled


Give me freedom: the rhythm of the disabled

Kiril Mihanovski's movie may be a breath of fresh air during this hot summer.

The film is filmed in documentary mode and relies heavily on the extraordinary characters of its non-acting characters who often improvise the dialogues. survives while driving a minibus for people with disabilities.

In this image of America's neglect, the nostalgic Russian songs of the mausoleum mingle with the reality of racial segregation in the United States, all in the form of an absurd and comical Odyssey in the streets of Milwaukee, a city that we find the mercy of the continuous forward and back of Vic and his squad.

Built in a poetic tone, Kiril Mihanovski's second autobiographical film managed to achieve a feat to talk about essential things with modesty.

The young Akaane's initial journey to the Wonderland of the Kingdom without rain

Keiichi Hara's Japanese animated film Keiichi Hara's "Wonderland, Queen of No Rain" tells the story of Akane and her aunt in a parallel world that opens under their feet.

The Wonderland, the queen without a rain of Keichi Hara
The Wonderland, the queen without a rain of Keichi Hara

Accompanied by an alchemist and a small leprok, the heroines cross the dream landscapes inhabited by giant animals and curious heroes, such as the villain of the film, causing the prodigal hero of Phantom of Heaven to suffer from his suffering.

Akane's goal: to save this kingdom, fearing a great drought. Effective ecological fable.

Nature and its transformations at the heart of a large exhibition dedicated to Olafur Eliason in London

Olafur Eliasone in Tate Modern, London.
Olafur Eliasone in Tate Modern, London.


In real life, "in real life", organized by Tate Modern, is a retrospective of more than forty works of the great star of modern art.

One remembers: the artist has been discussing when he installed ice blocks from Greenland to alert public opinion during the Cop 21 in Paris. He was criticized for the environmental cost of such an operation.

Olefur Eliasson works with nature as a source of aesthetic inspiration, but also as a source of social and political concern. Fire, water, and air are the elements of his works, giant waterfalls, really artificial arches, or cloudy spaces.

Playing with lights and textures, recreating the technique of natural elements, Olafur Eliason questions our senses and our connection to the world.

In real life, in Tate Modern, by January 2020.

Bohemian Rhapsody surpasses the symbolic threshold of one billion clicks on Youtube

The video of Bohemian Rhapsody, the emblematic song of the Queen, has been seen more than a billion times, 44 years after its release. Little pleasure of the summer:

On the way to the "Chalon on the Street"

The festival, carried on the long course with the presence of the National Center for Street Art and Public Space, makes great changes. In addition to the subtitle of the festival, water in the mill, on which resident artists work this year, "in" and "off" are diluted in programs organized in columns. So the official selection will look for the creations in situ and creative bias.

Circus, street theater, entertaining performances and rotating trapezes will be crossed in a city changed by artists.

The street, the city, the connection with its space and its temporality, the musical problems of the festival.

Chalons on the street are in Châlons sur Saone until 28 July.

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