Sunday , June 13 2021

GO: Beware of the reaction of Tamba •

It is getting hotter in this precarious election campaign. Above all, we need to avoid hasty judgments and biases, as happened in Tamba, where people go quickly without waiting for the gendarmerie that has been captured by the investigation.

According to our colleague Daouda Diouf, present at the collisions that earned us a triple of deaths, on the night of Sunday to Monday, the RMP delegation landed in Tamabakanda after a tour of the interior of the region.
On Monday morning everyone woke up with strong voices. There was some tension between Isa Sal's bodyguards and the housekeepers on the contrary. The PUR elements wanted to paint the walls of the yard in the colors of their coalition. Their opponents did not want. That's how the fight started. , Quiet income. The Benno activists will come and ask the press to leave. Isa Sol's bodyguard opposed this, knowing that journalists are in serious danger.

This is where the real riffs began on the hats on the wheels, with the passing of dozens of white weapons blown on both sides. We know the continuation and the witnesses that will be confirmed or turned from the pandora undoubtedly that day.

It really does not sound good if the elections are held with zero error if we remember what Minister Ali Baba said.


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