Tuesday , June 22 2021

Google urges US government to limit protection of labor activists to restrict trade unions

The US glove Google as every company has among its employees who do not always approve of some of the administration's decisions and hesitate to express their disagreement. This was observed several times in August last year when Google officials protested the creation of a censored version of Google Search in China, or the time when employees requested quitting demand. Forced arbitration in the technology industry, inviting other sector employees to join them.

These demonstrations, employees have the right to do so, and thanks to a decision of the National Commission on Working Relationship Adopted by the Obama administration, this right has been extended. Since then, employees can even use the electronic messaging system at their workplace to organize around work-related issues without fear of company repression. This was made possible by a case in 2014 in which the Commission banned companies from punishing employees who use e-mail systems at their workplace for activities such as dissemination of information or training. Union.

Only the file submitted by Google's lawyers to this committee states that the company would like to cancel this decision. The company also demanded restoring the decision dated by reverend George Bush, allowing companies to ban their employees from using e-mail from their workplace for organizing a business. any trade union activity. A Google spokesman said: We do not insist on changing the rules. The fact that the request for the defense of Obama's protections is just a legal defense like many others we have introduced against unfounded claims of the National Commission on Labor Relations.

It seems that this Google request has nothing to do with the case the company is currently facing. The case is part of the treatment of an employee who has had the internal discussion forum of the company in 2015 on issues of workplace diversity and social justice.

Google employees have used this protection very much last year. In fact, most of the events that happened in November happened when workers around the world left their office to protest the way the company is dealing with the alleged cases of sexual harassment involving their leaders. As employees are scattered around the world and most of them do not have personal emails from their colleagues, company emails are essential to facilitating the mobilization of workers.

This request from Google brings many people into confusion and causes more dissatisfaction among company employees. Especially when you know that the company has long promoted employee feedback culture, allowing open debate in online meetings or forums where staff have made changes to the company's products during the year. The last 20 years. The case is still pending, it can not be ruled out that this request hides something else.

Source: Bloomberg

And you?

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