Tuesday , June 15 2021

He went to Tizi Ozo of the colloquium for the work of Matoub Lunes

"In his life, Matoub prints an indelible mark on national culture, especially in music and poetry. He was and will remain a real untouchable idol, "he said. Speaking at the opening of the conference on the work of the Kabila singer, Matoub Lunes, organized by the Mouloud Mammeri School of Art and Languages ​​in Tizzi Uzu, at the Hanawa campus audience, Mr. Chatera proposed the fight for identity of the singer of Amazig ". "Matoub Lunes also noted the spirit of the struggle he pursued with the conviction of protecting the language and culture of Amazig," says the chief magistrate of the villa.
"We have the pleasure of witnessing the culmination of this struggle, the formalization of the Amazon language, the entry of Yenneier's day into the official calendar of national holidays, and the establishment of the Academy of the Amazon language that the faction has just announced," Chath . This symposium, which can be considered as a historic event to be included in the analyzes of Mulud-Mamery University in Tizzy Uzu, which provides a significant role in the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion and preservation of the national heritage, continues Mr Chater, special character.
"A few days before the celebration of the sixty-third anniversary of Lunes Matub's birth, who knew how to combine song and poetry." The chief magistrate of the villa also made a case of the price of the posthumous memorial to Tauritt-Musa's prodigal child, for, he remarked, to emphasize even more the value of this singer of Amazig's culture, freedom , exile painful and wars. Recalling the approval of the President of the Republic for the project to build a museum in the native village of Lunes, designed to preserve his memory and his artistic and cultural heritage.
About 35 articles are included on the agenda of this national symposium on the work of the late singer and poet Matub Loons. It will be presented by specialists from the four departments of the language and culture of Amazig and several universities in the country, including Tizzi-Uzu, Bejaja, Bouara, Batna, Algeria, Oran and Bilda, and will examine different aspects of the poetry and musical creation of country. the singer has disappeared, especially in the fields of literature, semantics, music (his performances in chaebies), semiotics, rhetoric and linguistics, but also the commitment of the rebels.
"The poetry and musical work of L. Matoub: from the popular song to the engaged song", "The euthy and rebellion in L. Matoub's poetic text", "The poetry work of L. Matoub: Open book of history," Particular syntactic uses and aesthetic aspects of L. Matoub's poetry "and" Psychological and psychosocial reading of Lounes Matoub's poem "Akmedjagh Ywwdhed lawan are topics selected by the organizers of this symposium on" The work of Lounès Matoub revisited ".

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