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Health and public hygiene: Abdu Karim Fofana advocates "a true environmental revolution"

St. Louis, May 17 (APS) – The Minister of Urban Planning, Housing and Public Hygiene, Abdu Karim Fofana, calls for a "real change in behavior" to change Senegal's health and public hygiene.

He said on Friday in Saint Louis to rely on "accepting a real change in behavior towards the beginning of a real environmental revolution to change Senegal's image in its perception of health and hygiene."

He spoke during a regional conference dedicated to the region of Saint Louis as part of a tour of congestion awareness and unfavorable conditions, meeting under the chairmanship of Governor Aliune Aidara Niang.

Different prefects, heads of departments, mayors, local elected representatives, neighborhood councils, youth and women's movements, as well as members of civil society also took part in the meeting.

The Minister praised the vanguard role of the Saint-Louis municipality, which he said "has already expected in the fight against congestion and trouble", a way to respond positively to the President's call for good hygiene in everywhere in Senegal.

According to him, the purpose of the Saint Louis meeting is to listen to the population, elected officials and the territorial administration to develop a national program of public hygiene and the fight against congestion, in agreement with all stakeholders.

The region of Saint Louis must draw up its action plan, under the direction of the governor, and set up a regional committee and departmental commissions to express support needs so the state can accompany this "national operation," the minister said.

Abdul Karim Fofana stresses that the special feature of the city of Saint Louis, whose good part is on the island, let alone fishing, is one of the leading and historic activities in the northern capital. He says that "this is not a matter of distortion of these activities, but it will be a matter of organizing them."

"In the case of Saint Louis, it will be necessary to structure the occupation of the island and the whole municipality so that the movement is fluid and that economic activities may have special places," the minister said.

According to him, the budget to be implemented will be the creation of craft centers and the restructuring of the markets, their modernization in terms of capacity and modernization, "especially in the field of sewage, wastewater and waste evacuation, with a final decision to eradicate unhealthy ".

Following the presentation of the director of municipal offices in Saint-Louis, prefects, as well as several mayors and elected representatives welcomed this initiative, welcoming the strategy to combat congestion and unhealthy.

They also criticized and contributed to the success of the operation and its sustainability.

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