Sunday , July 3 2022

Hilary Swank, Locarno Film Festival


Jodie Hilary Swank (45) received the Locarno Film Festival this year with the Honorable Mention Award and generously donated information about you and your career. There was only one taboo: Your latest movie, Hunt, which now launches Universal Studios, has been canceled.

inflating of Rituals: Before I fall asleep, I want to thank you for three things. Yesterday was the first time I had the opportunity to travel. Second, for my husband Philip. And third, the chocolate bread I'm here at the Extra Hotel. This is hospitality Switzerland!

"We understand that this is not the right time to release this movie," said Universal Pictures the Weekend of the decision, made by the 27th. Hilary Swank in the lead role to move. To meet Universal of the youngest serial killers of El Paso and Dayton. The Satire sketches as a decadent Oberschichtsvertreter Sport hunting pleasure for disadvantaged people. The decision to start for an indefinite period of time, to cancel, to focus on "in-depth reflection". The trailer and advertisement were already running and were also on display. US President Donald Trump, 73, also responded to Twitter on "The Hunt" and writes the film shows "apparently racist Hollywood of any kind."

Feeling like a shot from Cannon, drawn by dignity. This is Riesenglück, if you can do it, which you love anyway, and then it is further rewarded. But I'm not an actress to win awards.

I can't, that is, as much as I don't want it. Will and perseverance are the key to everything. The biggest obstacle most often is herself.

Last year, my husband and I in Germany and Switzerland have a geflittert here. We love nature and tourism. Traveling is extremely valuable to me. Since I have not graduated from high school, I consider it a continuing education.

What "Boys Don't Cry", such a meaning, what it was to me at the time, is unclear. To this day, people come to me and tell me how this movie changed your life. It means a lot to me if I see people reach it that way.

One feels like the Woman, sometimes as a second-class citizen. I still don't get the same, per person fees for the lead role.

Meryl Streep is now 70 and an inspiration again and again. At The Host, I finally got to play with her. Unfortunately, I was already dead in history as it came to Set

I do my job, never the president of the post. I tell stories about outsiders and fight for human rights.

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