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Horoscope of the Week from November 26 to December 2, 2018

Find your full horoscope for the week from November 26 to December 2, 2018.

Aries from March 21st to April 19th

This week you may have some troubles in your love life, because unconscious can happen the rise of emotions buried unconscious … The difficulty will be to manage you, as this increase will be sudden but also too intensive. Some lies can be revealed right away, leaving you silent! Keep your coolness under all circumstances, as it would be harmful to your attitude to reverse situations.

Born March 21st to March 28th: ​​Anyway, remember that you will be released.

Bull from April 20 to May 19

This week energy will be lost; on the other hand you know in advance that you will arrive very quickly. The problem is that these fluctuations will probably put you in some state of fatigue. These are your professional worries that could physically protect you from your beloved person. You will therefore have to reconsider the situation by not forgetting that it is very important not to allow your work to enter your love life. However, you will eventually quit the game, especially if you put yours!

Local residents from April 20 to 26: stay optimistic!

Gemini from May 20th to June 21st

This week your intellectual resources will have to bet because they will be in case of a problem your salvation! Since you know there is always a solution to any problem, I believe you will do all this, especially if you are sure you are not overwhelmed by stress. Do not forget to be convincing, you have to be convinced, and thus put all the chances on your side. Show yourself available to your loved ones.

Born June 18-21: Do not forget to dispel any misunderstanding.

Cancer from 21 June to 21 July

This week you will do everything to impress your beloved! The good news is that you will achieve it! In case you are the singer, in the days you will be able to weave without any problems new connections with the person of your choice! At a professional level, you will have to be able to calm the impatient trend, because by mastering you will have a much greater amplitude to continue effectively effectively in the long run. Do not go to waste all your efforts!

Born July 13-18: Performing vitamin treatment would be a good idea!

Leo from July 22 to August 23

This week will be for you: a place to exchange! Your sensitivity will be underlined by your entourage, as appreciated by the planetary conjunctions of the moment. In the coming days, because you will be very careful about the people around you, you will instinctively find the right words to calm their suffering. As far as your work is concerned, you may be offered to travel, especially if you have a job that usually does not lend to the arriving and leaving.

Born August 18-20: Teamwork will make you even more successful!

Virgin Mary from August 23 to September 23

This week you will be affected by the moon from the last quarter on November 30 in your sign. Be vigilant because this moon can destabilize you in your everyday life, as well as your assurances and way of guiding your life. If I had to summarize these days for you, I would say: "a place for a soft focus!". Give yourself the right to look beyond the visions! And more than anything: roll ballast!

Born August 28 to September 3: You are most affected by the last quarter of the Moon on November 30. To go through this period, do not cut your hair!

Balance from September 23 to October 22

This week again and again will be influenced by the last direct phase of Venus in your sign. This position will be very positive from the moment you do not fall into the trap of a swirling mood that will have no merit if it is to blur your love sphere, as in a broader sense of context. Still, whether you are single or a couple, you will have nothing to do with the "special" to ask only to attract a person who is so dear to your heart! Do not overdo it too!

Local residents from 24 to 28 September: Dare more than usual!

Scorpion from 23 October to 22 November

This week you will dance with fire! Something that will look like an "ordinary drunk" will grow in you, increasing the intensity of that grief that you feel diffused for a long time … Be honest with yourself recognizing your mistakes. Telling them to affected people would not only be courage on your part, but an intense factor for personal liberation immediately happens after the word is recorded. Nevertheless, it would not be impossible to get a full amount …

If you celebrate your birthday this week: relax forever!

Sagittarius from 22 November to 21 December

This week, you will still be affected by the passage of Mercury into a retrograde phase in your sign that will end on December 1st. Especially enjoy it!

Do not confine yourself to anything! Work for everyone who will go in your direction, The private game is so beautiful for you that you have no excuse not to move your figures! Just be careful to be too optimistic! It is up to you to consider it!

If you celebrate your birthday this week: open big – very big – your hands!

Capricorn from 21 December to 20 January

This week, you will have to repel all the bad disasters the planets will have toward you by focusing on what is currently beneficial to your existence. This is primarily about your life partner that you can rely on, and if you are the same, turn to the person who knows you best and drop your weapons to him. In the coming days, it will be very important to allow yourself to express tears and sorrow, because it is like giving you those rights that you will release – even just a little! – the feeling of debt!

Local residents from 25 to 29 December: remember how often night brings advice …

Aquarius from 20 January to 19 February

You will have to act this week, that is, if necessary, as those who will not be "governed" by you, not by the spirit of revenge, but by respect for oneself. Be prepared for the unexpected. Do not let anger or discouragement take precedence over you. Do you – rightly! – happy with what you have, because it is "the grass is not greener elsewhere". More joyful days come, do not forget too often …

Local residents on January 22: keep the feeling of the measure!

Fish from 19 February to 21 March

This week you will be influenced by the last quarter of the Moon on November 30, which will take place in the opposite and complementary sign of Our Lady. You will also have to rely on the action of Mars, which returned to a sign on 18 November to stay there until January 1st. Yet this planet will intensify the unfavorable side of this moon that will be charged by your chief planetary Neptune who also goes through your mark for many years to stay that way for about 7 years!

All together will make you feel like you do not know where you are going – I said impressed – and for good reason! Throughout the week, your salvation will not be misled by what will look easy …

Local residents from 23 February to 1 March: You are most affected by the lunar period of November 30. Do not be blinded by anything or anyone!

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