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How to watch WWE SummerSlam 2019 in French?


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How to watch WWE SummerSlam in French in France (and in Europe)?

(See the section below if you are in Canada.)

As you know, AB1 and ABXplore will no longer broadcast WWE PPV in France and Belgium. On the other hand, French commentator on the WWE Network Jean Brassard announced last week that SummerSlam would be the first PPV to be broadcast LIVE and French on the WWE Network.

Usually, the WWE network only offers French PPD after the event ends in VOD, commented by Jean Brasar and Raymond Rouge. So as a reminder, the WWE Network is free for the first month, so it's time to give it a try. Remember that SummerSlam kicks off at 11pm Paris with Pre-Show and 1H Paris with the main show commented on in French.

A little video explaining how to change the language of the WWE network:

We also receive many questions about the principle of WWE registration. Yes, you will be asked to enter a valid credit card number upon registration. Why? WWE will simply make withdrawals and refunds to confirm that it is a valid card and confirm your account. Your account will remain active after 30 days for free and then the price of € 9.99 plus taxes will apply. You can register on the WWE network at this link.

Good show for everyone and remember that the results will be LIVE on Catch-Newz with the broadcast of Pre-Show for free.

How to watch WWE SummerSlam in French in Quebec and Canada?

Usually WWE only offers PPV in French after the event ends in VOD, commented by Jean Braschard and Raymond Rouge, but from SummerSlam it will be possible to see PPV in French and LIVE! Registration in Canada is a little different as you have to go through your television provider (such as Bell and Videotron) to gain access to the WWE Network for $ 11.99 or $ 12.99, depending on your television provider. Once registration is complete with your television provider, you will have access to the channel directly on your TV!

If you would like to watch SummerSlam in French, unfortunately the TV channel is not able to change the language. You will need to go through the WWE Network streaming service to this link by creating an account on the WWE website (for free) and then contacting your television provider. Once you are connected to the two tools, here is a short video explaining how to change the language of the WWE Network:

Good show for all, and don't forget that the results will be live on Catch-Newz with the Pre-Show airing for free from 5pm Montreal time.

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